Heart of England In Bloom, Large Town, Judging Day 9 - 11am






Evesham's Cllr Diana Raphael, Mayor, Mayoress and Town Clerk, were delighted to welcome, Judges Bob Harris, Les Goodman and secretary to the Heart of England in Bloom Competition Jenny Comber.

Our tour of Evesham started by car. From Hampton Ferry, we were driven to Merstow Green, where we alighted and walked to the Blind Garden, Almonry Museum, Market Square, Riverside Shopping Centre and Bridge Street. Still on foot we strolled the short distance to Abbey Park. While in the park we visited the Cloister Arch, new skateboard area, floral displays, pools, recreation areas and the Hansom Too, trip boat mooring. Here we were collected and driven to The Vale of Evesham School via, Mill Bank, High Street, Abbey Road, Waterside, Coopers Lane, Four Pools Road and Four Pools Lane. After we had toured the wonderful gardens, all done by the students, refreshments were served, all home cooked and prepared by the students. Time was against us and we reluctantly left the school and continued our journey. Fairfield Road, Cheltenham Road, Davies Road, taking in the unusual toilet flower baskets at Orillo Plumbing Centre. At the top of Cheltenham Road, we turned left and travelled along the ringroad to Vale Park. Leaving Vale Park we turned right and continued our tour along the ringroad turning left at the next roundabout into Broadway Road.  Port Street, was followed by Church street, Coopers Lane and Waterside. We left the cars in the Northwick Hotel courtyard and walked across Waterside to join Mayor's Chaplain, Richard Armitage, Cllr Robert Raphael and Cllr Derek Jarman. We completed the tour, with a voyage back to Hampton Ferry, along The River Avon, on board the Spirit of Freedom On Avon. 

The sun shone and Evesham sparkled and looked lovely.

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